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Why You Need To Learn How To Sell

Why do you need to learn how to SELL?

In Robert Kiyosaki’s words “Sales is the number 1 skill in business and in life” 

What is “Sales”? Sales is an exchange of money between two or more people for goods and/or services provided. Well, that’s what most people would term SALES to be. In my world I believe the following…

SALES = INCOME… The better you sell, the better you earn

So what is “Income”? Income is something that you receive when you expend some form of effort or energy. 

Income in business is Money. 

Income in a relationship is Love for the women and Respect for the man. 

Income in a business partnership is Trust. 

And these are just to name a few. Whatever you are doing, you are expecting something in return. The more you receive in return the better you feel about the life that you live. So that stands to reason that INCOME = LIFE. The better you earn the better you can live.

Therefore, if SALES = INCOME and INCOME = LIFE, SALES is the core skill to achieve the LIFE that you want. Simply put, SALES = INCOME = LIFE!

What are you doing right now to improve the way you SELL? Sales at the end of the day is really about communication. What are you doing to learn how to communicate better to yourself first of all and then to others?

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