35 Traits Of Great Sales People

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Everyone can, does, and must sell.
The following 35 questions will enable you to understand some of the key attributes
required to be good in Sales. It will give you a great baseline to work from. Remember
whatever is measured can be improved. Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro, or an “I don’t
sell” pro, this short self-analysis will do you wonders.
Be honest with your answers. When you take the test, listen to what your Little Voice is
saying for each question.
35 Characteristics of Great Sales People (Adapted from Jeffrey Gitomers Sales Bible)

1 review for 35 Traits Of Great Sales People

  1. Given thabo Masombuka (verified owner)

    A good way to do some introspection and go granular on the areas which need improvement to become the best in sales and/or be well equipped mentally to tackle anything with practicality and laser focus

    • Sule Steele

      Thanks for your review Given, glad to hear that the free download was valuable to you.

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