"For the SPIRIT God gave us does Not make us Timid, but gives us POWER, L​OVE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE" - 2 Timothy 1:7

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  • Prioritize: Mission first (includes Family, Self and Spirit); Team second; and Individual third.
  • Everyone must Process monthly with a professional processor.
  • Ask more of others than they will ask of themselves.
  • Live what you teach and coach; physically, emotionally, financially and professionally.
  • Be on time by being early.
  • Take ownership and responsibility – Don’t lay blame, justify, finger-point or deny.
  • Do whatever it takes legally, ethically and morally to win, and celebrate all wins.
  • Deal direct, be willing to ‘call it’ and to be ‘called’.
  • Honour all agreements – Clear up any potential broken agreement at the first opportunity – Clean up any actual broken agreement immediately.
  • Stay in Exchange in all personal and business transactions.
  •  Never abandon your post