Have you ever woken up feeling tired and apathetic and sorry for yourself? When you start your day like that, what happens to the rest of your day? Do you find that you stay in that mood? Most people do. You see, the energy that you start the day with is often the energy that you continue your day with. There’s even a saying for it: “you woke up on the wrong side of the bed”. Usually people say this when they’re talking about you, not to you.

But what most people don’t understand is that they’re dealing with a choice here. When you wake up in the morning you have a certain amount of energy, correct? That energy is really just a mood. Call this energy a certain amount of emotion, because emotion is just energy in motion. Now, if you wake up in a good ‘mood’ you’re carrying a lot of energy with you. You’re vibrating at a higher frequency. People see you and they notice it. When you speak to them, even the conversations seem better.

Now, think about the opposite of that happening. You wake up in the morning and you feel depressed. You drag your feet around. You can barely lift up your head. For some reason, as soon as you leave the house you’re bombarded with rude people, traffic, difficult problems and no mercy. People avoid you. No one seems willing to help or even comply with you. Ever had a day like this?

What only a small percentage of people understand is that our mood, our energy is a choice that we can make. All you need is awareness, to spot the mood when you’re in it. If you wake up in a great mood, excellent! If you wake up in a bad mood – change it! Refocus your attention on what you want out of the day. Think about where you’re heading, the meetings you’re going to have, the deals you’re going to make. Envision them being successful. Imagine how many people you’re going to serve today. See the smiling faces after you’ve encountered them and helped them. Try this out and you’ll feel how quickly you can lift your energy and shift your entire day.

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