I have often been asked, “What makes a great Salesperson?” Before I answer that I need to state that I also believe that everyone can, does and must sell. The following 35 questions will enable you to understand some of the key attributes required to be good in Sales. It will give you a great baseline to work from. Remember whatever is measured can be improved. Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro, or an “I don’t sell” pro, this short self-analysis will do you wonders.

Be honest with your answers. When you take the test, listen to what your Little Voice is saying for each question.

30 Characteristics of Great Sales People (Adapted from Jeffrey Gitomers Sales Bible)

Rank Yourself Out of 1 to 10 – 1 being Poor & 10 being Exceptional

  1. I have a clear written set of goals ____
  2. I am self-disciplined ____
  3. I am self-motivated ____
  4. I have a positive attitude ____
  5. I have a desire to learn more ____
  6. I build good relationships ____
  7. I put the needs of others above my own ____
  8. I am self-confident ____
  9. I am prepared to Serve others 1st ____
  10. I have a high level of self-worth ____
  11. I love people ____
  12. I rise to a challenge ____
  13. I love to Win ____
  14. When I lose I ask “What did I learn” ____
  15. I accept rejection with a positive attitude ____
  16. I can handle the details ____
  17. I am loyal ____
  18. I am enthusiastic ____
  19. I am observant ____
  20. I am a good listener ____
  21. I am optimistic ____
  22. I am perceptive ____
  23. I am a great verbal communicator ____
  24. I have a high work ethic ____
  25. I am focused on attaining financial security ____
  26. I am persistent ____
  27. I have a Clear reason “Why” I sell ____
  28. I practice the skills I need to perfect ____
  29. I am prepared to do what it takes to win ____
  30. I love to Serve Others ____
  31. I am a TEAM player ____
  32. I like to play WIN WIN ____
  33. I am prepared to fail or lose _____
  34. I can manage my Energy levels well _____
  35. I have the ability to choose the energy I need _____


____ /350       ____%

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