It is ALL about THEM!

When you are communicating with someone else, the most important person in that conversation is the other person. NOT YOU!

I have been training salespeople for the last 20+ years, and I have observed too many of them struggling to connect with their customers because they get stuck in their own heads. They focus on what they have to offer, what they have to say, what they have to sell, and then they totally miss the most important part… The customer’s needs, wants and desires!

When you get stuck doing this, sales and communication becomes very, very, difficult.

Barry Mitchell

Uncovering Greatness

When you can get yourself out of the picture and focus only on the life and problems of the other party, you will connect faster, you will connect better, and most importantly you will connect in their world. When you can connect with them in their world, you will be able to find out what they REALLY need and what problems they REALLY have. When you can do that you can sell.

Here are 4 steps to authentic connection.

1. Go into their world 1st by asking questions.
  1. Go into their world 1st by asking questions. Stop telling and start asking. When you ask questions you will get into their world. When you get into their world they will give you the chance to talk about yourself. Be patient.

2. Be Interested

Truly and authentically interested. When you ask a question, LISTEN. When you ask them a question wait and listen, do not wait to speak. You asked a question for a reason. Wait to get the answer and then work off that answer.

3. Be Impressed, Not Impressive
Being impressive is all about you, not them. They don’t want to hear about you, they are not interested in you. They are interested in themselves. Ask questions and find something they do that can make you truly, authentically impressed.
4. Find common ground or shared reality.

When you can uncover this common ground you have the grounds to build a relationship. Pretty simply – it’s not about you it’s all about them.

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