When most people object, the #1 reason they do so is they don’t see value in the offer. That objection can come in many forms:

“Your price is too expensive.”

“I don’t have any time at the moment”

“It won’t work for me”

“It’s not what I am looking for” etc, etc.

To get through the Objection you have to start by helping the prospect attach some form of value to what you are offering. This process is called drilling, yes, drilling like drilling for oil. Start by asking them the problem they have and then begin to try and solve that problem by drilling down, deep down.

The first step in the process is to uncover the problem from the prospect and have the prospect connect to the problem themselves. Now, I am sure it is highly likely that you know the problem/s that your product or service will fix.  However it’s not about what you know, its ALL ABOUT YOUR PROSPECT.


By drilling down and asking questions, at least 3 to 5 questions, you will get to the emotional reason why they could possibly buy. Fixing the problem is way bigger than buying a product or service. When you can get your prospect to relate their problem to themselves, when they can relate their latest nightmare to you, you will observe that they will re-experience the problem, and re-experience the emotion that occurred with the problem. They will show the emotion in their face, in their eyes, and you will hear it in their voice. When you get them to that position, that’s when you know that they will start to appreciate the value of your offer way more than before. Why? Because you have connected to them emotionally.

NOW that they appreciate the value, you have a much better chance of selling the solution.

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