Have you noticed that for most people life is about passing others, getting other people out of their way to go forward. Just watch people driving on the highway. Watch people walking through the Mall.

In reality though, for us to move forward as individuals, the person we need to get out of the way, the person we need to get past ,is OURSELVES.

One of my mentors, Kelly Ritchie, taught me that in order to progress in life, in order to make the changes I need to make, I need to start by getting ME out of MY way. That ME, is the Excuse making ME that keeps telling the Winner ME what I can do, and what I should do, and what I can’t do…………………….instead of what I MUST do, what I need to do, to create results to go forward. Why, because what I must and need to do is more often than not way harder to get done than the other things that we tend to gravitate towards, the reasons why we cant do the things that are hard to do.

What has this got do do with Sales Barry, you might be asking. Well in order to be the best at sales that you can be, in order to grow your business in the direction that you want it to go, you need to stop finding reasons why you can’t and start finding reasons why you can. Yes, STOP making excuses. Stop defending, stop justifying. Excuse Me!! Yes, stop excusing yourself and start taking action in the right direction.

In the movie Boiler room, Ben Affleck says “A Sales is made on every call you make, either they sell you on a reason why they can’t, or you sell them on a reason why they can, either way a sale is made, now who is gonna win, you or them?”
So ………………….

“A Sales is made on every decision YOU make, either YOU sell yourself on a reason why you CAN’T sell, or you sell yourself on a reason why you CAN sell, either way a sale is made, now who is going to win, the WINNER or the LOSER?”

Sales begins with you. Are you going to be a Winner or a Loser? It’s Your Choice!

Be the Best You that You can be……………

Barry Mitchell

Sales is a Life Skill, Master it!!

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