Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” He said this because he understood clarity. Without clarity on where you’re heading, each day doesn’t have the purpose that it could have. How many times have you had a day where you looked back and said, “Wow, I was busy today, but what did I do?” Without clarity on what you want to achieve, your time will be filled with whatever comes along.

Most businesses have fairly clear long term goals, but lack clarity on their daily or evenly weekly actions. When they do this, they open up their employees and themselves to dealing with the things in life that come along, appearing ‘urgent’. When you don’t have clarity on what your top priorities are each day, each week and so on, everything that comes your way appears ‘urgent’.

If you start noticing this happening in your business, don’t feel completely hopeless. This is a problem that most businesses face. They’re just unware that it’s there. It’s one of the reasons why most small businesses don’t survive past the 5 year mark. They’re so busy putting out the small fires that they’ve lost track of the greater goal that drove them towards growth in the first place.

So, do yourself a favour. Sit down and map out your ‘ending’. Then work it forward until you’re clear on what you need to do every month, every week and every day to achieve that end. You’ll look back in a year’s time and be glad you did.

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