Over the past 20 years I have worked with 1000’s of salespeople, business owners, and self-employed people. If there is one thing that I have observed common to the best of the best, that commonality would be their ability to CREATE. To create opportunities.

In today’s world the opportunity to build a business is greater than it has ever been in the past. Why do I say that? Because there are way more problems in the world today than ever before. Businesses are built from solving problems. Great salespeople and great entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to create solutions to people’s problems.

Poor salespeople and unsuccessful entrepreneurs are doing the opposite. They are getting stuck in the problems. They are getting lost in the reasons why they can’t get ti done, rather than finding the reasons why and how they can.

In the past 6 months through the process of identifying problems and creating win win solutions for all parties involved, I have created 3 new programs that have generated in excess of $50 000 and they are only just beginning. You might be saying well you are lucky, or you know people and I don’t, or you have this or that, etc. etc. Well, I would disagree. I am always looking. Always thinking. Always identifying. Always open and trying. Always trying to help other people solve their problems.

We all, yes ALL, have problems that need solving. Where are you focused? Are you stuck in your own problems and stuck in the truth that if you didn’t have those problems you would be able to have something better? Or are you focused on other people’s problems, can you park your problems and focus on how you can help them solve theirs? When you do that you can use that opportunity to solve your own problems.

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