The most common mistake that even experienced sales people make is ‘assuming’ that the prospect is able and willing to ‘connect the dots’ as to why they really need to make the purchase.

Just because you know the Problem that your product or service will solve, it does not mean that your potential client has that problem. Look, for some of you your Little Voice is screaming “what rubbish” right now. But just bear with me.

You see, I have learned that “you know what you know” and you “don’t know what you don’t know.” So don’t just assume that because you know that your prospect will also know.

This is the same for the Solution that you have and the Benefit that the client will receive when they purchase your product or service. Just because you designed the product or service to give a range of particular benefits, which does not mean that the prospective customer will also see the same benefit.

When you take the time to uncover the Problem, Solution, and Benefit from the prospective customers perspective, you will see a dramatic increase in your closing rate. Pretty simply, when you learn to get into their world, make it all about them, you will close more sales. In short, STOP CONVINCING and START CONNECTING!!

If you don’t believe me I challenge you to try it. If you do believe me, take action.

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