To be a successful entrepreneur, it is essential to change the way you learn. Firstly develop yourself from an emotional and spiritual base and then equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you will require to follow your Mission.

Here are 6 key areas that are essential for an entrepreneur to become successful:

  • Follow the Rules – Establish a clear context on what it is to be an entrepreneur, why it is essential to follow a set of rules, and to uphold the rules of business and law.
  • Focus on a Mission – Entrepreneurs either make money or they make sense. The greatest entrepreneurs have built their businesses with a focus on creating a significant change in their worlds and not because they wanted to only make money. They understand that if you focus on the greater mission (making sense) and you achieve it, then you will make money.
  • Develop Your Emotional and Spiritual Mindsets – Building a successful business is more about the strength of one’s mind, emotion, and character than anything else.
  • Build Solid Leadership Based on Your Mission – Build yourself as a leader above all. A leader that helps to equip others. A leader who follows and upholds the rules.
  • Build a Team of People – An individual entrepreneur is only as big as the team they build. Build a team around you who have greater skills and knowledge in areas that you don’t have. Find people who are foremost driven by the same Mission as you.
  • Acquire the Right Knowledge and Skills – Determine what skills you will need and equip yourself accordingly. Identify what skills you don’t have, and find people in your team who have those skills. Equip yourself with skills that will help you to achieve your Mission.

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