“I have a great team, good people, but they just can’t close”. That is a common comment that I hear when working with Sales Managers, Managing Directors, and CEO’s. You see, CLOSERS make money, and money creates PROFIT. If you can’t close you can’t create money. So, what makes a great closer? When do they close? What is the right time to close?

Firstly, there is no ideal time to close. Simply put, like in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, follow the ABC Rule… Always Be Closing! Here are the 5 characteristics of a great closer. By the way, great closers make a lot of money!

In the 25 years that I have been in sales, and having observed thousands of individuals undertake the sales process through my seminars and training, I have come to the conclusion that closing is very simple if you can master a few things.

Here are 5 key steps that great closers do which poor closers don’t!

  1. Great closers ask a lot of questions and do very little telling. Poor closers talk too much and tell too much.
  2. Great closers uncover problems that they may not even know existed. Poor closers think they know the clients problems and tell them what problems they have.
  3. Great closers connect with clients and allow clients to close themselves. Poor closers tell the client how great their own solution is and what it will do for the client without allowing for client suggestions.
  4. Great closers always know the offer they can make. Poor closers often have to get back to the client with the offer.
  5. Great closers never convince. Poor closers have clients who say “let me think about it / send me an email/ I’ll get back to you”. Poor closers then try in vain to convince the client to do what they are not going to do.

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