1. Serve 1st……..it’s all about them & not about you. What can you do for your client, what value can you add to their business, to their lives, what difference can you make for them. When you focus on them, you will allways get a return for you.
  2. Make your calls. Have a high work ethic. Sales is an activity game, the greater your activity the greater your results, even if you suck at selling. Most sales people just dont do enough work in the field.
  3. Plan your call calling cycle. Plan your week & month by allocating a specific number of hours to selling (that’s being in front of customers) & to a specific number of hours to admin. My rule of thumb is  5:1 – 5 hours selling to 1 hour admin. Stick to your plan. Make sure that you are in the field at the optimum times.
  4. Sell from your heart not from your head. When you sell from your heart you are being you, and when you are the authentic you then you will connect with people who like you.
  5. Do whatever it takes to win, but do it legally, ethically, & morally. If you do that you will create long term success & not short lived glory.
  6. Script the lines that work. Find the lines that work, lines for introduction, lines for closing, and know how to do them in your sleep.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice – Practice those scripted lines. Then role play over & over.
  8. Learn to ask questions, because questions are the answers. If you take the time to ask people about themselves they will tell you more than you expected.
  9. Have high energy in everything you do. People like to deal with confident people. Arrogance however is not confidence. Have confidence but also have humility.
  10. Know your product. Know where it works & where it doesn’t.
  11. Always give the customer the best solution for them not for you.
  12. When you mess up – own it. We all mess up. Apologise 1st, don’t make excuses or pass blame, be honest, take ownership of the problem, and present a solution to the customer.
  13. Enjoy what you do, and do it with passion.

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